Help us rebuild the Harris County Republican Party by regaining control as Republican voters to reclaim the County and the great state of Texas to keep it RED. I stand for new innovative strategic planning for growth and increased outreach programs, while encouraging young Republicans to get involved as our future leaders in Texas and the United States of America.

Fellow Houstonians,

My name is Wendy McPherson Berry and I stand for the Grand Old Party because I strongly believe in the Republican grassroots movement that took place 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. Throughout the years, the Republican Party grew in numbers of supporters because people agree with the movements for freedom, prosperity, vision, strength, and working for the betterment of the future for all Americans. However, today the Republican Party has become fractured and we are losing ground to keep Harris County and Texas red as Democrats are boasting on their 2014 campaign page. To date, former Republican, Criminal Appeals Judge Lawrence Meyers changed his ticket from GOP to Democrat for the upcoming Texas Supreme Court race. This is happening in part due to the lack of a warmer “welcoming committee” from the Republican Party for new supporters, new members, new qualified candidates, and the growing participation in the Pay for Play political positioning strategy to buy large endorsements as opposed to gaining them through grassroots movements throughout Harris County.

So, why vote for me? I want your vote because I want to provide that warmer welcome as a Republican County Chairman in order to revive the Republican Party, repair the organizational operations to provide more efficiency and transparency, while rebuilding the Republican Party reputation to increase support and constituents. I want to reach out to the hardworking citizens and inform them of our Republican movement so that when they vote, they are making an educated vote that doesn’t rely on only social media hearsay. Also, I believe in promoting young Republicans to lead so that we can build upon all of our strengths that will certainly take the Republican Party from good to great.

My parents, taught me many lessons in life; the most valuable one was that failure is not an option and the second most valuable lesson was to stop complaining about something if I can make a change. As a Houstonian myself, I decided to run for public office because I am qualified, well educated, but also because I am personally experienced in the hard work it takes to make change happen for our future as Harris County Republicans. Furthermore, my commitment is to fight the Democratic Party in Harris County to prevent their movement to turn Houston into “Battleground Texas”. Vote for me so that we can start to make significant change now to secure the Republican Party for the future as we have been commissioned to do by our predecessors.